Our Clients Love Us!

We have used the services of College Prep Coaches for four years. Brian’s work with our daughter has been invaluable in helping to prepare her for the SAT/ACT, as well as assisting her with navigating each step in the entire college prep process. He has created a plan that focused on her unique attributes and goals, while building a strong relationship throughout the process. His experience and guidance has allowed us to step back during this process and help her grow, and we could not imagine having done it without his help.
— Mary Clark

Working with Brian Hewitt was truly a blessing in disguise. When my parents brought up the idea of having a college counselor all I did was shake my head. I thought to myself; I’m only a sophomore, why on earth would I need a college counselor? Little did I realize that I was to embark on an amazing journey of everlasting friendship and awesome opportunity. With high hopes of attending my dream college, Loyola Marymount University, I met with Brian for the first time. After a few appointments with Brian, I entered a hard time in my life. The inevitable girl drama hit me hard during the end of my sophomore year. Surprisingly enough, the first person I told my drama to was Brian. I felt comfortable enough to share my opinions and feelings with him. I knew that he would never judge me and would do his best to help me. He reassured me that everything would be okay. He told me to put my energy into things that I loved. I told Brian that I loved art and helping others. With this small glimpse of inspiration, Brian helped me crate an art summer school called “A Summer of Service”. During this summer school, we did service projects that would enhance our community in an artistic way. After helping me through my hard time, he became an inspiration and a friend.
The end of my junior year came quicker than expected. I found myself sitting in front of the computer staring blankly at the big words ‘Common Application’. Luckily, I did not have to tackle this application on my own. I had Brian right by my side. He walked me through every step and every little detail of the application. He also made sure that I felt comfortable with what I was publishing on my application.
The moment that I received my acceptance letter to Loyola Marymount University, my dream college, was something that I will never forget. The first thing I did was call Brian. We did it! After years of hard work, laughter, tears, and coaching with Brian, my dream came true.

— -Carly Tse, St. Francis High School, Loyola Marymount University

Applying to college can be a daunting task. My mother was trying her best to help me along the way, but was uneasy with all the new requirements there were since she had applied. My mother consulted Mr. Hewitt to help me with the whole application process from start to finish. With his help, each application was simple and straightforward. His vast knowledge of current college applications and his contacts with some of the best universities in the nation really gave me the best chance to get into some of California’s most acclaimed universities. I would highly recommend Mr.Hewitt to those who are serious about making a great first impressions with admissions.
— -Chris Potts, Rio Americano High School, Accepted to UCLA, UC Berkeley, Calpoly

When I was a Sophomore in high school I found myself lost in all of the possibilities for my future, as well as which steps to take to get there. After working with Brian, he helped me figure out what i wanted to do in the future, and he clearly outlined what I had to do to get there. Without him, I would not have been able to follow my dreams, or even know what those dreams are.
— Aurora (Aurore) Gaumer ESCD 3A ’18 Master in International Project Management University of San Diego ’16 International Relations

Brian Hewitt has a tremendous knowledge of the admissions system and acute attention to detail. In our case, Nic is also a potential NCAA div 1 student -athlete. Brian has walked many athletes down the road to admission as well as through the NCAA Clearninghouse process and that gave our family assurance that the details were taken care of.
We encountered a problem where our son was advised poorly by an on campus counselor prior to our work with Brian. He caught the mistake immediately and it allowed our son to get into the proper class to fullfull the standard.
— Nic Wilson/Rio Americano HS 2017 , Accepted to CSU Sacramento, CSU Northridge, University of the Pacific

Brian Hewitt first took the anxiety and stress out of the high school planning experience. He has years of success counseling teenagers and their parents on creating a path to your goals. He helped us not just with short term planning, but also with visualizing long term goals that initially were four years down the road.
— Alex Dailey. Attending Stevens Institute of Technology, playing Varsity Baseball for Stevens, Accepted to UC Santa Barbara, Brandeis University, Macalester College, Bard College, Denison University and Carleton College

When I first met Brian at the beginning of Junior year, I remember apprehensively shaking his hand and rambling on uncontrollably about
my college plans while staring out the window. For someone only 18 months out from decision day, I was hopelessly confused about not just
what I wanted but the very path that I was on—the college process is a trying one and I was being tried. That’s where Brian and his team
stepped in.
Undeterred, he methodically walked me through every step of thecollege admission process from studying for the SATs to planning my college tour to the East Coast, even helping me prep for interviews.
When my SAT scores unexpectedly dropped and I considered lowering my college aspirations in a major way, it was Brian who called me at 6:30
a.m. with a game plan to not only recover lost ground but double down
on what the strong suits of my application would be. While I was paralyzed by apprehension, he lead me forward.
Perhaps the best thing that Brian did for me over our two year journeytogether was make himself invariably available. It didn’t matter if it
was almost midnight and I was having a panic attack about beinghopelessly unprepared, or if either of us was traveling—Brian always got back to me instantly.
Brian also pushed me to think bigger and look broader than I ever would’ve done so on my own. Every time I boxed myself into a way of
thinking or a set idea, Brian would offer sage advice and a Plan B incase I had doubts (which I frequently did). His encouragement helped
me think on a clear and concise wavelength.

When the decision news finally came, Brian was the first person Icalled not only because of how much he helped me, but because I knew we were a team together.
Thanks to Brian’s reliability and guiding hand, I am now attending New York University Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates on a full
scholarship ($79,000/year), a place I know I wouldn’t have been able to get to without him.
— Manson Tung, Sacramento Country Day School Class of 2016, NYU Abu Dhabi